To tomorrow from yesterday — delivery and take-away!

Orders from 3 pm
Take-away/Delivery from 5 pm
Tuesday to Sunday

Delivery charge for Den Haag €5.00

Menu see:

Telephone orders: 070-3458587

via e-mail:

Take-away/Delivery special

Lumpia Semarang beef springroll (2 pcs) € 7,00
Lemper rice roll with chicken (2 pcs) €8,00
Sate Ayam chicken satay (4 sticks) €7,00
Rendang Betawi with beef and potatoes €19,00

Ricetable The Raffles €35.00 p.p. (min. 2 pers.)

Kakap Pepesan - steamed fish
Ayam Ketumbar – chicken and cashew nuts
Bebek Menyatyat – duck
Gulai Domba – lamb
Karedok – vegetables in peanut sauce
Sate Daging – beef
Sate Babi – pork
Krupuk udang – prawn crackers
Serundeng – peanuts with desiccated coconut
Nasi Kuning – yellow rice

Mango dessert €9,00


All wines on the wine list: buy one, get one free!!



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